• 150 year old In 110 acres Coffee Estate

    Victorian Verandaz is on a sprawlling estate that is spread over 110 acres, It has been in our family for over 150 years. You get to enjoy the scenery, with out even stepping out


    Grown here are coffee, pepper, cardamom and paddy. Parts of the property are water bodies and still uncultivated jungle areas. This estate has 3 man-made lakes and 1 natural one. A number of perennial streams run through the terrain.

  • In Madikeri The Heart of Coorg

    Our Coffee Estate is just 6Km from Madikeri Main bus stand

  • We are in close proximity to most Tourist destinations. In Coorg

    Will assist you with your Sight seeing after speaking to you and confirmation of your travel. Dubare Elephant Camp - Elephant Bathing and Rafting is located just Half an Hour's Drive from our Property. The Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and Nisagadhama are located near Kushalnagar, which is about 45 Mins Drive from our Property. Talcauvery, the source of River Cauvery is 1 Hour's Drive from Madikeri. There are sights to see around Madikeri itself.


Center of Culture

HERMITAGE consists of a Basic Bedroom with a Television, an Old Coorg-Styled Bathroom, now with a Modern Touch,



Built over 150 years ago

RUSTICA consists of 2 large 4 Cot Bedrooms with Bathrooms attached, a living cum Dining Room with a Television, a full fledged Kitchenette now with a Modern Touch,


Victorian Verandaz

Two Double Bedroom

we have 2 Double Bedroom with Bathroom attached, a common Dining Room and a lovely Verandah overlooking the Plantation.

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